Monday, 8 May 2017

Perspectives: Finance and Lifestyle

As shared in my previous post, I have tendered resignation. Today marks my last day of my 10 years career life, most probably. It took me 1 whole month to detox the corporate "nonsense" that is so deep inside me, and I am still detoxing in process. I was experiencing withdrawal syndromes. I was panicking about my finance and lost sleep over it. I began to look for jobs for about 2 weeks, before I paused again.

Last Thursday on 4 May 2017, after 2 weeks of job search, I was called for an interview and I went. During the interview, I explained honestly about my situation and shared my "abilities" to perform the role that they interviewed me for. Then, I questioned myself, is this really what I want?

Here are some important points why my decision to leave workforce could be a correct but painful choice.

1) My wife was coughing 6 months while working and caring for my elder daughter. She recovered after we have transferred to a childcare near my place, which relinquish her role to pick her to and fro

2) We have concerns about coping well with 2 children while both are working, with the younger one only an infant. I think we can go through the system and motion for another 2-3 years to beef up the finance but everyone may have to bittersweet for a bit. How long is 2-3 years of bittersweet for entire family?

3) My employer wasn't supportive of my family commitments. Of course, we can argue that all employees should evolve around company needs before personal. Well...

4) I know I will have enough financially, my family will have enough financially. The downside? It take maybe 8 years instead of 4 years to achieve financial independence and with comfortable buffer. Oh well...

5) The lifestyle will be the same, if not better. Given that I have more autonomy over my time, we are able to live a better life with more manpower (which is me) with lesser money


No doubt, if I wear the money glasses looking at the world with nothing but money, my perspective will be miserable. I have given up my momentum on my career progression and my reasonably good pay. Our financial status set back by a few years.

If I wear the lifestyle glasses looking at the world with nothing but meanings, my perspective changed. Life is good for everyone, my wife, my daughter, my son, and myself! Just don't keep looking at the bank account and excel spreadsheet, and we will be happier. haha.

I am very thankful for having such a supportive wife! I would also like to thank some of my good friends, who have given their supports and encouragements during this difficult transition period!

Hindsight, there is nothing wrong with either working or be a stay at home dad. What is most important, is living life with no regret and be happy. Onwards!


  1. I just think through your glasses. Happy Father, Happy Husband, Happy Life. This is what is Life for. Wish you the best.

  2. Most important wife is happy & supportive. Happy wife, happy life. When both parents happy, good vibes will rub off on kids too. And happy kids grow, learn, evolve, develop much better.

    For institutionalized pro-family policies, have you considered civil service? Or even polytechnic lecturer? There will always be BS bosses & crunch times no matter which job or organization. But at least stat board or ministry more breathing room, especially when it comes to family & kid matters.

  3. Just be happy.
    I continue working mainly because of the medical benefit my ofc provides

  4. Hi Frugal Daddy, I see you run your life on a "regret minimization" framework. Once we are old we all should be able to look back and regret as few things as possible.
    I like to remind myself to live my life by design and not by default.
    Only you know what is right for you. And you do.

  5. Hi all,

    The most important thing is that we muat be happy in the things we are doing.

    Life is short. Cherish the present.