Friday, 30 December 2016

Being Employed Is a Fulfilment?

Hello there! Yes, I know, I am on blog vacation. I have a burning curiosity about a question and I happened to have some time to write now.

If you meet ALL these criteria :

  1. Employed staff (exclude self employed); &
  2. Would continue with your current job without being paid or paid only 50% of your current salary
Yes, this post is for you!

May I find out why do you enjoy being employed after taking away your salary from the equation?

These are some of the reasons I dislike working life, honestly:

  1. KPIs;
  2. Having to follow boss instructions regardless of you being agreed or not;
  3. How to do your work in the way they want;
  4. When to do your work and by when for submission;
  5. Who to manage and sack, if applicable;
  6. Which days to work in a week;
  7. What time you have to report to work and end your work day;
  8. Taking away time from your family, hobbies and running errands;
  9. How many annual leave you have in a year;
  10. Outsourcing big chunk of your short life (say 80 years) to your company by allowing them to tell you how to live your life;
  11. And the list continues...
Would greatly appreciate if you can enlighten me why you love your job so much that you no need to be paid to follow the above conditions?

If the reason you work is purely because of money, then how much do you want? How do you balance between your time spent for yourself and time spent to earn money for your wants? Say from 25 years old till 65 years old where you got most energy and maturity, how many years of these 40 years will you spent earning for extra wants and how many years will you spent designing and living your own life for yourself?

Feel free to give your opinion but I urge everyone to maintain respect for each other. It is a discussion and please do not take it personal. No individual should be quoted or mentioned. Thanks.


  1. Many of us would want to reach financial independence and then exercise our options when time come. The problem is many don't have actionable plans to reach to that point X.

    Self-employed also have indirect bosses and customers e.g. tutor; your student's parent may recommend or condemn you through the words of their mouth.

    1. If money is no longer a concern n u r not paid, would you still continue your current job? If yes, why?

      I know uncle CW is retired so u r not the target audience. Haha :)

    2. Hi FD,

      I will continue my current job and continue to be on the lookout for the next better job.

      The reasons are as follows:

      a) Continue to be relevant in the everchanging work environment.
      b) I will not be longer held to random by the employer as I no longer work for $. I can afford to go if the employer opts to retrench me due to various reasons.
      c) The desire to continue working is different as I want to do so and am not forced to do so due to survival
      d) The attitude to work is on voluntary basis. I will continue to work hard and put in my best effort. However, no flattering of employer on my part.
      d) The additional remuneration will set me firmly and closer to more stable financial freedom. I will not increase my lifestyle expense just because of the increase in the remuneration, coupled from the passive income generated from my investment. I believe in the simplicity of the lifestyle.
      e) The feeling to working is totally different every day. I will not fear retrenchment as I am prepared for the inevitable event if it arises. There is nothing to be fearful as long as the preparation is in place.

      Just my two cents' worth of opinion.



  2. LOL! Actually my boss asked me to work till year end i.e. 31 Dec 16 after giving me a lunch treat to put up his request. After his treat; I gave him face to extend from 15 Sep to 30 Sep 16.

    You see even another three months also No. Actually three months is short. A wink of eyes will be over.

    1. At least you extended 15 days. Look like time is more important than money at current juncture for you. Cheers

  3. being just employed is not fulfilment to me.... being financially independent too is not fulfilment....fulfilment is a process where one has to keep fighting your comfort zone dealing with fear...only these two things will make you grow....n only if u grow, u could be happy....that is fulfilment to me

  4. When u r in your comfort zone n no longer need to fear to do anything, you are like committed a spiritual suicide. Steve Job onced mentioned u need to look for what you love to do just like looking for your love one, n never settle until you found it. When u r doing what u love to do, chasing your own dream, u will c all your dislike of your working life as a learning process of achieving your goal. Spend time asking yourself what is your goal in your worklife...once u found it, all the things u r doing is part of your journey(not doing for your boss or others)in achieving your goal...

    1. Hi WKS

      Thanks for your comment.

      My destiny is more of my interests and my family. I have found it and pretty clear about it.

      This post arising because there are people who said they love their jobs, hence, I would like to gather some views. If they will do something else when their current job is not paid, then we know they don't love their job. It is for the money.

      I am sure there are people who will continue to work with their current job if not paid, but rare. If the person read this, I would like to know why they enjoy the employment for their bosses. Unless the bosses saved their life?

      So when people say they love their job, is it that they love the salary that comes along with the job, or the job itself?

    2. The higher up in the corporate ladder may love their job as there special privileges and status associated with their position. They are served from the bottom as Lords! The lower ones; I also find hard to believe their words that they love their jobs. :-)

  5. If you live life simple, one can attain financial independence soonest and focus on what is meaningful at that phase in life.

    1. Hi

      Simple can be very subjective. But I get your idea i think. agree with you if we are on the same page. :)

  6. Just my 2c. Life is a self fulfilling prophecy , and we are hard wire to seek pleasure and avoid pain. As we are going to spend most of our time in working life, if we do not talk ourselves into loving what we are doing, and do it for yourself in achieving the career goal you set for yourself. It is easy to just looking at the negative sides of everything n justify our way of not doing anything different to change ourselves to achieve the change we desire deep in our heart....and slowly you become complacent/obsolete. People who has goal n who has the right "entrepreneur" value in work will drive change in their own way n more passionate in their work than others. These are the people who normally will be better rewarded....and people who do not like their jobs will end up sabotaging themselves n work for people with goal with passion. our greatest enemy is not the eternal critics but is the internal one :).... N I am fighting it every mins and seconds, and my life and my family life depends on it....I am not giving up yet until I win!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I hope you find inner peace in your endeavours. you sound strong, and I am sure you will get to your goals one day. :)


  8. I probably would, even at 50% or 0% pay, of course assuming livelihood/money is not an issue. People like me who does mid-career switches by choice, if we are brave enough, we tend to look for jobs that speak to our heart and fills up that hole. To find meaning in our work, as cliche as it sounds, is exactly why. I'm not working to fulfill KPIs anymore. If the work we do makes a difference to people and to society, all the more better!


    1. Hi Kevin

      Thanks for your input!

      I actually switched for job satisfactions instead of tangible rewards. In fact, most of my careers are sort of more "noble" than average careers, whereas i get to help people but limited to my field.

      I find having to confine to corporate rules are not tasty at all. Unless I can over right my bosses decisions and do exactly what I think is right. I may end up doing a lot of overtime to debate why my thinking are more efficient.

      Therefore, like it or not, we still have to go through the Performance Appraisal and the KPIs. Just that whether the outcome bother us more, or less. Isn't?

  9. wow, tough one! I was amazed you gathered 14 people who said they would continue working but i realise few actually said that they would do the same job for free!

    hmm would i? sorry, no. i studied a pragmatic course in uni to get a pragmatic career.

    but in the future after attaining some financial security and greater zen in life, i would consider doing an alternative career with more focus on helping people directly even if it pays me lesser.

    1. Look like we are on the same page! Any suggestion on what is the "Alternative career"? It may diff from individual but good to know.