Saturday, 19 November 2016

Thank You Very Much!

I seldom write long post. Here is a rather long post, and could be my last post for a very long time as I will be focusing on things that I wanted to excel, which I have listed down below.

In my previous post (here), I am gathering ideas whether to achieve Financial Independence as planned or delay for another 2 more years. Either choice, it should turn out well.

From 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2020, it will be around 668 working days (minus off 3 years worth of leave and 3 days of medical leave - Yes, Frugal Daddy will fall sick too). This is how long more I need to work after my wife consumed her projected maternity leave.

In theory, getting paid 3 years worth of salaries and bonuses for 1.83 years of work is totally worth it! In actual fact, those rest days are already factored into our salaries and bonuses. We all know that, isn't?

Let me give you an example: Annual Wage Supplement (AWS). Is this a bonus?...In Singapore context where you get paid monthly, you only get paid for 12 months, which is 48 weeks. (1 month is equivalent to 4 weeks. 4 weeks x 12 months is only 48 weeks) In some countries, workers are paid weekly, and there are 52 weeks in a year. Hence, those paid by weekly will have 13 months worth of salaries in 1 calendar year. Magically,~ here is your AWS, which is supposed to be your regular wage. Whether or not you agree with this theory, I leave it to you to decipher.

Sorry for sidetracking, back to my early unemployment discussion. My wife and I both agreed that we desired for option 1 but practically, it will be better for us to finish the last 3 years of 668 working days. (Thanks all for your input! I think it is 50-50% divided on these 2 options. There is another group suggested part time / freelance work, which is another good consideration but will not solve my immediate problems)

At the moment my decision remains the same: To continue working since it is only 3 more years from now. If we can't cope, I will then leave the workforce permanently to be caregiver. Here are the reasons:

1) We survived through infant care once for the entire process, there should not be any problem for us to do it again. Even if now we have 1 more toddler to care for. We roughly know what is ahead for us.

2) I am used to taking the less travelled path, not for the sake of being special, but it just make more sense and benefit of doing so. Here are some of the things I do it very differently from the masses:

  • We sleep around 8.30-9.30pm and wake up at between 4.30-6.30am. Yes, I wake up naturally everyday even I need to work (睡到自然醒). One of the favourite question that people asked about me is: "Why didn't I aged? I still look like 21-25 years old)". I guess this is one of the main reason. Anyway, People who know me can verify this point. We have been in this habits for years. Not that I don't have the night owl lifestyle before when I was a student or when we are dating, but night life is just not my cup of tea. I never looked back ever since and enjoying everyday.
  • Which family in this world retire at 36 years? As you know about me (click here), I am not born with silver spoon for sure. Not even near the middle income family. I am frugal because I am mindful of our well being, needs and wants. I removed most wastage and live a highly financially efficient lifestyle, which enjoying most part of it. We don't save for the sake of saving and suffered. I would say our happiness index is much higher than the norm, near perfect. (minus the fact that we haven't achieved Financial Independence and need to work for income)
  • We don't rely on any help from maid and parents, given the fact that we have 2 children and both of us are working full time. We still take public transport and live well. We take pride from it 
  • My utility bill is around $40-$50 per month, which I didn't do anything special intentionally. Being efficient about lifestyle is just me. I watched drama, use laptop, cook daily, and bath with warm water daily. I don't suffer at all, really. I even have air purifier if haze is coming. Nobody I knew have as low utility bill as mine, not even close (I can reassure you that our utility meters are working fine)
  • And many more, which I will not touch on
3) Taking option 2 allow us flexibility. If we opted for option 1 immediately, I would have lose my job and I may not be able to turn back to workforce so easily. I still can keep my options open and if need to, I will activate it, with a choice

4) 3 years (668 working days) is really short if we considered there are easily another 40 years ahead of us (based on average lifespans of Singaporeans)

I tried thinking of anyone around me having this childcare arrangement of having 1 infant and 1 toddler at care centre concurrently. I couldn't think of anyone! No doubt that this is really a super huge physical and mental challenge but I think this is a great opportunity for character building. I believe that after these 3 years, we will all turn out to be much more independence (even I thought we are already above the norm if there is an index for this). There is a saying, whatever don't kill us or cause us permanently damaged in someway or another, we will emerge to be stronger.

As my previous post suggested (Click here), I am taking a long break from this blog and going to focus on many other things for the next few years:

1) To write more personal to my family via the family blog and personal mode of communication channels

2) To derive a detailed plan for doing my confinement for my wife

3) To derive a care-giving detailed plan for my infant, young child and my wife. As well as my family well-being

4) To focus more on improving myself

5) To plan for our part time employment of less than 23 hours per week with more than $2,000 income per month and most importantly, to live well and happily

I have learnt a lot by being a blogger and having the privilege of meeting like-minded friends and exchanging ideas. As you can see, I didn't monetise this blog, not a single cent. Purely for interest only. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Thank you all readers for following my blogs. It is really mind blowing for me to have thousands of views per post, given my poor English.

Here, I am wishing all readers an early Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and may your wishes come true!


  1. Take care! Got some spare time can jio frugal uncle for frugal kopi.

    1. Hi CW

      Sure. Even frugal kopi is too expensive. I don't drink kopi. Haha. Good to meet up one day.

  2. FD : All the best to your new "ventures"! Keep in touch..

    1. Hi Richard, thanks! we are always connected, you know what i mean. Haha

  3. Frugal Daddy,


    Enjoy and happy holidays!

  4. Hi FD,
    Take care ! 休息(from blogging) 为了走更远的路!All the best !!
    Cheers 👍👍

    1. Hi STE

      Thanks! Apologies that you just started blogging and i am taking a long break. See you around. Cheers

  5. Hi Frugal Daddy,
    Your joyful focus on what you do want will make all the difference in the long run.
    Don't forget us fellow bloggers though. I hope you still will have some will to chill by commenting on our "brainspills" occasionally.

    1. Hi Andy

      Thanks! Will keep connected. See you