Saturday, 5 November 2016

New Family Member, New Family Blog, New New

My family size will increase from 3 to 4 soon. My wife is expecting (I am expecting too, the joy). So, what is it like to be a father? Here is a video that promise tears:

Of course, frugal daddy don't lie to his family. I don't lie about my happiness either. I am ecstatic. I hope to devote my time to the family on a voluntary basis, and not through involuntary unemployment. This is a privilege.

If you have been following my blog, you may have observed that I have been writing less frequent in this blog. I am trying to do more things with the same resources.

In fact, I decided to create a new private blog for my family exclusively. It has been the longest time I want to write more on personal matters such as family events, family expenses and family financial portfolio. (There are many time I can't write as well here because of personal information and sensitivity) Most importantly, I would like to document my love for my family via this new blog. How? I plan to write post along the way to my individual family member, this include the "future" them. This is one of the most beautiful writing I can remember:

Allow me to quote from the letter "WHEN YOUR TIME COMES", 27 year old father to 85 year old son:

Hello, son. I hope you’re an old man now.

You know, this letter was the easiest to write, and the first I wrote. It was the letter that set me free from the pain of losing you. I think your mind becomes clearer when you’re this close to the end. It’s easier to talk about it.

In my last days here I thought about the life I had. I had a brief life, but a very happy one. I was your father and the husband of your mother. What else could I ask for? It gave me peace of mind. Now you do the same.

My advice for you: you don’t have to be afraid

PS: I miss you

I hope you are enjoying peace of mind


  1. Very nice video.

    Indeed, a child future is worth every sacrifice. I can relate to that like yourself :)

  2. Very nice video.

    Indeed, a child future is worth every sacrifice. I can relate to that like yourself :)

  3. Frugal Daddy,

    Tired rest; hungry eat.

    Do what comes natural to you ;)

    Have fun and enjoy being a father again!!!

  4. Hi FD,

    The only thing that matters in life is health, family, and friends – all the rest is theatre. – Samuel A. Hardege

    All the very Best and Peace to the new New