Friday, 21 October 2016

Where Are My Branded?

From Online Dictionary: A branded product is one which is made by a well-known manufacturer and has the manufacturer's label on it. Supermarket lines are often cheaper than branded goods.  

Around 10 years ago, ex-colleagues gave me a montblanc pen with my name engraved. Along the years, other colleagues gave me Armani tie and some other branded accessories such as cuff-link. Why people gave me these things? I think that is secondary in the context of this post but we can take it that these are part and parcel of life journey, gifts and nice gestures. I am thankful for people being so generous with me. It is a happy problem.

As a "proud" owner of a montblanc pen, an Armani tie and some other branded goods, am I more stylist as a result? Answer: they are being kept in a deep and dark corner in my cabinets. Nowadays, "deep" is a popular word. Deep value, deep investor and don't know what other deeper meaning it could be. These somehow "wasted" my living space and I can't sell it away with my name on them.

(This could be what we found in the deep)

I am not flashy, in fact, I hate being flashy. I don't need commercial value to boost my ego, my style, my character, my status or defining who I am. I guess I will still live the same lifestyle even if I am multi millionaire now.(Now you know I am not)

On the same topic, I can't understand people trying to be frugal and change their lifestyle immediately after they became rich, It is literally an insult to the word "Frugal" as it meant living the same lifestyle with better financial efficiency. Not suffering or downgrade your lifestyle to save money. Some people can scramble every single cent to achieve Financial Independence and later buy something that "don't align" with their frugal action anymore. Say, buy a BMW car. If that BMW is really what you love, get it earlier and work your finance. No offence to BMW car owners, but I am referring to the lifestyle choices instead. I am just wondering what the BMW can do that much cheaper toyata car don't. Actually you can replace the word "BMW" with any other luxury brand. Just that I am not into car brands that much.

I am who I am. I am Frugal Daddy. I am living my true self. The luxury I am paying for myself is my time.

By the way, have you found your identity?


  1. i think one of the hardest thing to do, sometimes is how to be true to yourself and not that of the world.
    It's hard indeed not to be branded!
    At times , i may be brand concious too.

    1. Hi Temperament

      Apologies for late reply. Life is going too fast for me.

      I am sure we can't avoid "brand" totally. High chance, any wallet you bought come with a brand, ABC or Goldlion. If the goldlion's cost $5 more than ABC with better look and quality, that when we go for the "Branded". In fact, ABC is also branded. haha

  2. Hi FD,
    keep up living your life by your design instead of following the default of the herd.

    1. Hi Andy

      Good that you are ahead for my reference :)

  3. Hi FD,
    Once we have found our " branded " in our mind ,,, we will be much more happier,,, from within,,, :)
    Cheers !!

  4. Sorry folks!

    For certain daily used things, they should at least have a minimum quality standard or else you need to change them quite often.

    This is where penny wise pound foolish.

    Here brands still count.

    No escape even for technician for life (me).