Saturday, 10 September 2016

How Doing House Chores Can Give You Health, Wealth, Time and Enjoyment

House Chores? Seriously? This is 1 of the ultimate personal financial tips that Frugal Daddy is giving? Yes, this works like magic. If you coupled this lifestyle concepts with minimalism and frugality, you are not very far off from the most exciting lifestyle that you wanted to have.

Let me explains. This can only happened without maid, parents, nanny or any external help (part time helper).
My family are living examples. Without me noticing, I developed "6 packs" of muscles in my tummy.  I was shocked one day when my wife asked me about my tummy. I have to confess other than the once-a-year IPPT, I don't exercise nowadays. I will start soon to exercise, I know. haha.

Where are the muscles from? I simply do all the house chores and taking care of my child concurrently, with the help from Frugal Mummy, and the magic occurred. It helps better that both of us are working full time and need to take care of child 24/7 ourselves with the help of infant care and childcare.

I know, some of you are starting to wonder, wouldn't it be too stressful instead that lead to poor health? No! These are chores that need to be done anyways. Just by "Who". It will only be stressful if you think it is. All in your mind. That is why busy people can make more time and lazy people always think that they have no time. Ok, I always tell people I don't have time nowadays.

I start to wonder why average women in the past live longer. Not because they like to nag the men to outlive. Maybe, there were many housewives and they "live well" by doing house chores.

What is the cost of employing a maid? This includes providing food, insurance, medical and necessities. Maybe $1,000 all in per month? Why pay if you can avoid? Of course, there are instances you need a maid. Example, taking care of someone. I am saying in the perspective of if you have the choice to do all the house chores by yourself.

How about parents? I am not sure about this. I never rely on my parents much since tender age. I paid my polytechnic tuition fee anyway. So why now? There is a conventional wisdom why westerners are more independent than Asians in general? Maybe because they live away from parents from age 18? I don't want to touch too much on this aspect as it is super sensitive especially if I talked about parents' allowance and expectations that created as a result of this favour. Good for you that you have parents that willing to be your maid. But, I will do it myself for all the benefits that give me.

Here is the counter initiative concept. Naturally, many people like to comment that time spent on being minimal, frugal and doing house chores are time taken away. I beg your pardon. You spend time earning the money to spend money to buy time? Get it? You may argue the employment hourly rate ratio is lower than time spent doing house chores yourself. Is it? Unless you can generate cashflow every moment of your free time. And we are talking about using your free time to do something for your family that your entire family will enjoy, including yourself. In some instance, time are spent doing nothing to supervisor the maid or wait for external helper to complete the chores.

Moreover, when you do all the house chores by yourself, you get to bond with your family members better. Everyone is involved in making a decision for every small aspect of the house. We helped each other and we appreciate everything and being organised. We saved time not to clutter unnecessary items and we get inner peace when the house are so clean and minimal. You no longer need to spend time thinking where is this, and that. You no longer need to travel all the way to buy something that was already in your storeroom somewhere for decades. Time saved, isn't?

Wait, don't turn off the page yet. Yes, doing house chores is enjoyable. As mentioned above, you get to involved the family and bonding is created. You enjoy every aspect of your house that you doing your best to pay for. You enjoy the privacy of not having the maid or any external people around. You will not create a false impression for your family, including yourself, that chores are done magically without any effort. You spent a lot of effort to earn the money, so that you have more money to buy the time? Clever you.

Anyway, I am a proud parent because my child helped me mop the floor, wipe the table and tidy up the place from as young as around 20 months old.

So why not today, you spend the long weekends, i mean few hours only and not the entire 3 days, to do house chores by yourself? You can actually do it during weekdays too to avoid doing any during weekends.
Is it really a house "Chores"? I would think it is a house activity. It is my privilege to serve my family, together with my family.


  1. Hi FD,
    Yes ! Fully agreed , I enjoy doing house chores and as what u mentioned , it creat family bonding ,, also, more privacy without maid ,, I have seen many " spoiled kids" because of having maid ,,,
    Cheers !

    1. Hi STE

      Good for you! However, share the "joy" with your family members! haha. Cheers

  2. Everything is relative. Some view it as a serivce. Some view it as a chore.

    1. Hi Blursotong King

      You are right! I used to hate house chores decade ago. Unimaginable.

      It is all in the mind. Not that I love it like my hobbies but I enjoyed the benefits of being hand-on.

  3. I do agree that doing household chores can be a pretty physical activity but to the point that you can develop 6 packs? That's a bit exaggerated but kudos to you for being able to achieve it.
    However, I think the reason why we have live-in help or part time cleaners is that they are rather affordable compared to other more developed countries eg. Japan (where they probably worked longer hours but do their own chores anyway). In a country where car ownership is common (an average of $2k to own and maintain a car), 1k a month for live-in help is a no-brainer solution for many.

    1. Hi kitlim

      Haha. I am surprised too when i saw my 6 pack for a short while. Maybe, because i carry my child with 1 hand while another mopping floor. I stopped using pram when my child at 14 mths and i will carry a big bag of her things, carry her, as well as grocery shopping? frequently, she will sleep on my shoulder. My record was carry her for continuous 8 hours when she was sick and wanted to rest on my shoulder. There are many more interesting details that i will not elaborate further. I enjoyed these processes.

      Affordable is relative. As long as the person don't look back thinking where is the money. If we wanted to start comparing with other countries, i think we need to discuss over a thesis paper. :)

  4. My wife and me value privacy of home is more important than anything else.
    We never rent out our spare rooms not once in our lives.
    We also believe a hireling(maid)will not do housekeeping as the way we would like it.
    And i am reputable about keeping the bathrooms/toilets as clean as possible.
    So much so family and kin nickname me "Toilet Supervisor For Hire"
    Ha! Ha!
    Anyone want to hire a "Toilet Supervisor"?

    1. Hi Temperament

      Your job scope so narrow? Only toilet? Haha :)

      We valued our privacy too. Else, we have 2 vacant rooms for rent. Easily > $1k a mth.

      Not everything should be monetised.