Monday, 8 August 2016

First-World Mouse and Third-World Mouse

My friend, Mr Lim, like to describe himself as the church mouse. So today, I decided to share a story about mouses. This story may not be new to you, given that it is one of Aesop's Fables (here)

One day, a mouse from the city visited his countryside cousin. Let us name them First-World Mouse and Third-World Mouse respectively.
First-World Mouse said, "Villagers are always busy and tired, our life is comfortable and there are plenty of delicious food in the city". Third-World Mouse replied, "Freedom is priceless". To prove themselves right, the 2 mouses decided to visit each other's lifestyles. 

Third-World Mouse walked the First-World Mouse up to his mountain top house and the latter was exhausted after the difficult terrain. Thereafter, First World Mouse is treated with a wide varieties of simple delights but he didn't think the food tasted excellent.

First-World Mouse also visited the cave where food could be kept cool without going bad. There is also natural supply of clean and sweet flesh lake-water. First World Mouse is not impressed.

And so, the 2 mouses went to the city.

First-World Mouse set up a grand buffet for Third-World Mouse. The latter has never tasted such delicacies and he flew to the moon. Halfway through the buffet, the human stepped in and they hid away. This process repeated twice but they continued to party thereafter. Unfortunately, the cat appeared and caught the Third-World Mouse. The Third-World Mouse was about to be swallowed by the cat but eventually escaped when the floor collapsed for no good reason.

The Third-World Mouse fled and said good bye to the city for almost taking his life.

Many people living in first world countries spending most of their time running the rat race for basic survival. Are the first world problems better than the third world's? Of course, third world people fighting for basic survival could be even worse. In the story above, the first world mouse lived constantly in fear, so is the freedom lost worth?

In today context, by living a very simple lifestyle, you already have more, than the people living in 200 years ago. This is because of technology advances. For example, they could be travelling from town to town for water collection and now you have water pipes.

Can you enjoy your best life knowing there is a bigger world out there?

Perhaps, a church mouse could be the wealthiest, in life. Happy National Day!


  1. Nice :) by your definition, I am going to be a first world mouse migrating to the third world, living a simple life without fear :) this article is apt for my current situation. I wonder how me as a third world mouse will survive in years to come. Cheers :)

    1. Hi An9elfire

      I am certain you will love your life ahead.

      Continue your story by being who you are :) cheers

  2. Yap! Simple lifestyle ! Avoid lifestyle inflation ,,,Happy National Day !
    Cheers !

  3. I'm as poor as the church mouse. :)

  4. Long time didn't drop by FD!
    Really apt story, I like the self sufficiency of the 3rd world mouse. Somemore, clean water and simple delights do not sound 3rd world to me. True down to earth luxury.

    In my dabao cheng tng yesterday, there was a roach. =.=

    1. Hi Ellaa

      Yes, you have been missing for the longest time!

      Agreed that the "3rd world" is a luxury, in our definitions.

      I hope you discovered the roach before you start eating. It is important to check food before eating. My aunt was taken to surgery because the food has a screw. I don't check my food though. Ignorant can be a "blessing" in this instance. :P