Sunday, 31 July 2016

Wastage In Your Life

Most of us, including myself, have plenty of wastage throughout our lifetime. What do I mean by wastage? For example, you bought that 10 sets of chopsticks in a bundle sale. However, you know clearly in your heart that your family members can only use 4 sets of them. Yes, you may argue that you can replace the extra sets of chopsticks when the existing ones are spoilt. Seriously, how long do you think it will take your chopsticks to spoil?

If you think I am exaggerating, why not you try going through your entire house, items by items, and chances are, you will start to realised that you have accumulated many things that you have no chance of using. There are things that you think you will be using "one day". Trust me, most things that you have not used for past 1 year, will remained unused for another 1 decade or more. Likely, you would have forgotten that you have those things. I suspect there are expired food/condiments/herbs/ingredients somewhere in your kitchen too!

If you respect your space, each unused item is a cost. Yes, you can classified these under logistic and mental cost. That is how warehousing charge you! By mental cost, I was referring to the memory space that you used to remind yourself that you have those things in your...don't know where! Of course, if you are very sure that you need it "one day" and it will still be in good quality, then by all mean keep it.

So, am I advocating you to throw most excessive items away? Definitely not. Memories are worth keeping. Don't throw away your memories and only to realise you have lost your life.

There are other form of wastage too. If you have paid a premium for extra quality that you will never use, that is also a wastage too. For example, you spent $10 buying that "branded" chicken rice where you can get another similar taste nearby for just $3. The $7 is a waste.

If I may anyhow estimate that 50% of our things and expenses are wastage, you may need a lot lesser than you think. That means, if you are spending $30,000 a year, you actually only need $15,000 to live the same lifestyle that you are enjoying now!

By being a minimalist, I have kept my cost low. I reminded myself that whatever i am going to buy, it must add value to my family. Simplicity and clean space are the combination for the most wonderful design. Look at how iphone is created. Clean, with only minimal buttons. Every aspect is being considered to the most simple form. (Anyway, I used Samsung rather than iphone). I simply cannot stand cluttering. I enjoy looking at clean space. It gives me inner peace and the belief that I have more rooms for more awesome things to come.

(Not my house, just giving you a visual reference)

I am proud to be a minimalist, but I am sure I have not yet fully optimised my resources. There are still "room" for improvement!


  1. When do we really become a true minimalist?

    When we stay in a Nursing Home!

    1. Then that is minimalist in $ as well as mind!

      Being minimalist in our own expenses is ok, but dun be minimalist on others.

    2. Hi CW

      Why did you bring my mind to nursing home? Lol.

      My friend, 15hrww once said, we sent children to childcare, in return, we are being sent to nursing home. This is a joke which i think is a reality to many. To me, there are huge difference between nursing home and childcare centre. Haha.

      Let me know if you need me to educate your children on this. :p

    3. Hi Rolf

      It also depends how you interpret minimalist. If it is important and necessary, a minimalist can still be generous. There is no conflict.

      Like i explained, likewise, frugal is different from cheap.

      You reminded us that it is very difficult to catch the fine line. Just life your best self :)

  2. Yes, nice post to remind ourselves ,,,I also spent too much on food supplement sometime ,,is kind of wastage if we hv to dispose it after expired ...I also scrap my weekend car recently ,, is really underutilize ,, I only use once a week ,,, now I am on BMW,, bus,met,walk... Haha

    1. Hi STE

      It is called "supplements " because it is not essential. Lol. I am guilty as i take vit b and c too. If we eat healthily, shouldn't need these.

      Welcome to public transport!

  3. Frugal Daddy,

    Just for fun hor!

    You know the pic of the minimalistic bedroom? The reason its like that is because the owner have another whole bedroom as walk-in closet ;)

    That's the secret to minimalism. Store things outside the picture frame.


    1. Hi SMOL

      This joke is applicable to fake minimalist. Having said that, it is hard to be 100% minimal.

      My 5 yrs old neighbour once asked: "uncle, you don't have money? Why your house got so little things." Lol

  4. Hi SK,

    To keep optimising can also be a waste of time, no? It's like trying to get the 100th mark when you're already 99. That being said, I agree with your general direction of the article to reduce and buy only what you truly needs. It's just that if I apply the principle to my time, I think it's not worth the time to run thru all the items in the home to see which is efficient and which is not, haha!

    1. Hi LP

      Again, we have to ask whether we enjoy being a minimalist. There are people (who i defined weird ) can only live their best life in a mess. Lol.

      It can be a periodic 1 time effort. During the process of cleaning up, we can reflect upon our lifestyle too. It reflect our daily life.

      To me, this is self mastery. Inner peace.

      No need 100%. 100% is a target. 95% is a very good achievement already!

      Time well spent is not wasted :)

  5. Becoming a minimalist requires first to know what is enough.
    And those that can't figure out how much is enough.... condemn themselves to eternal poverty.

    1. Hi Andy

      Hope you are doing great with your new venture.

      To me, being minimalist is self mastery.

      Even we don't have enough of everything, we can have enough of our priorities, and I would think we will be equally well off and contended.

    2. Fully agree with Andy'so comments on " enough" , this is the key word. .I have slow down my pace by thinking that I hv " enough " ,, but in the world of chassing never ending materialistic and catching up with " life style inflation ".. one will never get enough. ..also. .under peers pressure. .☺☺cheers.

    3. Fully agree with Andy'so comments on " enough" , this is the key word. .I have slow down my pace by thinking that I hv " enough " ,, but in the world of chassing never ending materialistic and catching up with " life style inflation ".. one will never get enough. ..also. .under peers pressure. .☺☺cheers.

    4. Agreed with Andy too. I only have energy, resources and time to live my best life. Living under others expectations are too overwhelming for me. Plus, this is provided you know what you want and how much you want or needs