Sunday, 26 June 2016

Time is Running Out

Everyday, I live my life as if it is the last. Think about it, it is really the last, one and only life. For those who think you will be "revived or reincarnated" after passing, I respect that but let us not go into the religion aspects here.
Generally speaking, we only have about 50 to 60 years of most productive lifespan for each individual. Apologies to those above 50 years old, please don't take it personal. Don't get me wrong, I would strongly encourage everyone to be "young-at-heart" and live life to the fullest, even if you are above 100 years old. You still can be healthy and active, running marathon at age 60 years old and living better than when you are younger. What I am trying to illustrate is that we have more time and energy at our side when we are younger. You feel invincible, doing and challenging every things you feel like, especially when you are a "naive" young adult.

I am turning 33 years old this year. Children already addressed me as "Uncle", no matter how young I looked. Some people may say, "young man, you still got a long way to go". Is it really so? Soon, I will become 40 years old, and if I don't pay attention, 50 in a blink of eye. This is provided health is with me. Take it that I will still be very active after 50, I doubt I can eat fried food and perform tasks like the younger frugal daddy.

After age 40, some will develop presbyopia and other age related illnesses. Unfortunately, some developed illnesses at even younger age. We can live healthy lifestyles to reduce the possibilities of falling sick, but that is not full-proof. Anyway, please live healthy lifestyles. For this reason, this is why you should buy adequate insurance.

Time is running out with everyday passing.

For people complaining that they will have nothing better to do, if they are not working, seriously? Is it that difficult to plan and enjoy activities for that "short" few decades? Don't you have passion or things that you want to accomplish dearly? If you enjoy your work and think that is way beyond more fulfilling that your personal interest, I respect that. Do you enjoy the autonomy of your time in the midst of your lovely career? Do you have to report work and end work at stipulated timing? Do you need to perform tasks by standard operating procedures? Do you really like it so much? Or is it because you need the salary for survival purposes? There is nothing to be ashamed of having to earn a living. In fact, we should be proud that we are employable. However, let us not mixed up the reasons why are you working.

Boredom is just a replacement word for laziness. Agree?
In fact, I enjoy my work too and it is very comfortable that monthly salary just bank in doing the tasks that I am assigned to. It is the time taken away by the working hours that is disturbing me. No matter how hard I live my best life now, it is still not my best life, having to work. No idea what I was trying to say? Just one simple example, look at the crowd at hawker centre and malls during weekends, how to enjoy a peaceful meal? Not to mention you can get great weekday promotion easily. Although i have about 30 days of entitled leave each year (excluding medical and hospitalisation leave), it is definitely not sufficient.

Time is running out. I am spending time on my priorities. Are you?