Saturday, 26 March 2016


For the past 1.5 months, I am occupied living my life to the fullest.

I had a 2-week break. During the 2 weeks break, I spent 1-week exploring Singapore but only managed to cover 60% of it. This mini tour was to prepare my ultimate plan to tour around Singapore by bicycle and foot with my family. During my 2nd week break, I experimented living a life of being a full time house-husband. If only I had a 3rd week break, I would have simulate my life-better lifestyle when my wife and I achieved financial independence together. If only...I had that 3rd week break.

My experience touring Singapore was fantastic. I realised we don't need that getaways overseas to get that kind of overseas travelling experience for serendipity. Once you have forgotten about time (can be a bad thing if you are not discipline enough), you could actually achieve the same mental effect you are looking for overseas, by travelling around Singapore. For those who said Singapore is too tiny and nothing to explore, I guessed they need to understand Singapore better, even if they are Singaporeans. I could have used entire 2 to 3 weeks to cover Singapore, and may not be familiar enough. If by foot or bicycle, I could use 4 weeks or more. Why is this so? Although personally I don't like Singapore being too commercial and city-like, but we can hardly understand Singapore because of fast-paced lifestyles, high rise buildings and the rapid upgrading of areas. There are many forgotten or overlooked areas with gems and uniqueness. For example, Serangoon neighbourhood places. Chances are, if you are not living in Serangoon, you will thought that Serangoon is all about NEX shopping mall. You should walk around and explore the Serangoon garden, the landed properties, the unique features of the HDB flats in different areas (seriously, I saw a HDB with a big clock embedded - Like the "Big Ben" in London - but do give some slack on your expectations please) and the hawker centre.
How I covered 60% of Singapore during the 4 weekdays, from 10am to 5pm? I am confined with the mentioned hours because I need to fetch my child. Basically, I took a lot of buses and alight at places I am not familiar with. I walked from one place to another. I spent only about $30 or less during the 4 days tour, inclusive of transport cost. I can't be happier with the experience. You can't really explore with MRT train, you know why.

No point for me to show you photo or my experience as a tourist in Singapore. It is easy if you reside in Singapore, and you should try it to know for yourself. Stop living your life for your bosses all the time.

During my 2nd week of break, I live my life as a house-husband. The most challenging part is to prepare lunch for myself, which is a 1-person meal. I wouldn't want to end up eating "commercial food" at hawker or shopping mall daily. It can be resolved by pre-prepare some menus and ingredients. There are lot of ideas coming up, but I would only need it a few years later. We shall see. Also, I realised there is never-ending house chores that we can do. I stay in a 4-room flat. Yes, it is never-ending, it can always be better.

Upcoming, I may write lesser unless time permit. In fact, I wrote this post because I woke up too early while my family is still sleeping now. However, I do have some great plans that I could use during my live-better and I would like to share in my blog when the time comes. That means, I would continue writing for years. I do realised my writing lack of details. I will work on it but it is time consuming to do that, so for the time being, let us make do with this.

Cheers up!


  1. After Singapore, we can explore Johore. Not costly with their public buses but personal safety may be concerns.

    1. Hi Cw

      At this rate, you will find me at usa after 30 years. Haha.

      I agreed that we don't need to look far for new experience. However, no place can mimic taiwan and japan. The rest of the countries I can live with it not visiting again or for first time. Lol.

  2. Frugal Daddy,

    When I came back 4 years ago, I was taking buses from one terminal to another.

    Even explored outside my old army camps like Nee Soon and Taman Jurong. Man! Big changes! I almost can't find my old Taman Jurong Camp as it was demolished...

    There are lots of places in Singapore we think we know but unless we explore it on foot, we have seen nothing yet...

    Last month, I explored the private houses at Everton and Blair roads area as I saw a documentary showing there are 2 mural paintings like those at Georgetown, Penang.

    I've passed by that place on bus for 30 over years on the outside. But I've never explored the inside...

    Very interesting houses! Got fight with the heritage Peranakan houses at Joo Jiat. And there's even a quaint wooded area tucked between the railway station and the houses ;)

    Bonus was discovering quite a few cafes in the Everton HDB estates. I know. I "sua ku".

    1. Hi SMOL

      Quite surprised that you are still exploring after so many years of FI. Maybe it will be better if you are holding a girl hand at the time. Haha.

      You are not sua ku. Just that many people thought they know,but the things we know are so little.

  3. Hi fd

    Have you "explore"upper serangoon shopping center ? It gives a nostalgic feel.

    1. Hi Small Time Investor

      Unfortunately, I gave malls my last priority this time round due to time constraints. I find it quite pointless to visit malls as the shops are repetitive. Unless I need to buy things.

      I did went to Beauty world. Should be similar feel I guessed. Haha. Will visit next time if it is still there

  4. Hi FD,
    Beauty World is awesome right? I hope you tried some good food at the super hot rooftop hawker.

    "The most challenging part is to prepare lunch for myself, which is a 1-person meal." >>> Get an electric bento, especially if you are into hot meals. I got this one and never look back, because finally can cook 1/2 cup rice for myself with some steamed dishes!!!

    1. Hi Ellaa

      I went to the centre with old toy shop, either is beauty world or the side by side one, because I don't remember got rooftop hawker? Interesting! I need a lot more time to comb thru every inch of singapore.

      Thanks for your recommendation. I have something similar but just need to think of what to cook. Haha. Steam is healthy. Good choice!

    2. Hi FD,
      yes, beauty world has a few old toy shops i remember. Or maybe you were at bt timah shopping centre.

      ya, eat alone also must eat healthy!

  5. Btw, inspired by this post to restart my enthusiasm and do my trails that I KIV also! !