Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ugly Duckling: Mr Frugal Daddy

Obviously, "highly unique individual" is just a replacement word for "weirdo" in some people context. I actually didn't expect myself to be an highly unique individual. It is like a metaphor of the Ugly Duckling story by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875). A story about a swan living among ducklings and other animals, being treated as an abnormal duckling. He was being despised by others, only to then mature into a beautiful swan, the most beautiful bird of all. The story is beloved around the world as a tale about personal transformation for the better. If you have 9 minutes to spare, why not watch this video (We can always (re)learn something like the children) :

Why am I an highly unique individual?

1) I lead a frugal (yet fulfilling) life despite my juniors and peers spending money like most city-goers. I have no interest in most commercial and luxury brands, yet leading a quality life.

2) I am able, but I have no desire to fight for corporate ladders. I am highly aware of what are the options and what are my life priorities. (I don't mind to get highly paid with no string attached of course)

3) I am planning toward achieving financial independence by 37 years old, and live my life humbly with desire to completely control my quality time, with life goals in mind. A path less travelled yet not for fame. Most people will think that is when you just start to have higher returns in career after clocking that numbers of experience.

4) My top priority, for a male, is my family. And this is coming from a man who was in his 20s and now 30s.

5) I enjoy house improvement, house chores, cooking and taking care of young baby or child.

6) I don't aim to please anyone, and I am highly self aware of it.

7) I was from normal academic, and I thought it was normal to be in normal academic as it is termed normal. So, what is normal to you and the society?

Identify, accept, and respect all aspects of the creative process. A highly unique you.


  1. Agreed. We should live our lives as we choose as individuals instead of conforming to the norm as a herd.

    1. Hi Azrael

      Thanks for your comments. Agreed that we live our best life and not trying to conform to the group.

  2. Dear Frugal Daddy,

    When we embark on the path less traveled, we often doubt if it all make sense, we look around and wonder why the majority took the main path. At the very end if you have brought a mirror along with you, look into the mirror and see whether the reflection reflects who you really are. Perhaps a life without mirror will be more fulfilling than one with.

    We are all unique individuals with many similarities.

    1. Hi

      I just read your posts and it comes with a lot of your deepest sharing. Good sharing and glad that you enjoy life simple pleasures.

      I think having a mirror will be better, self awareness. However, it is how you use the awareness that is more important. :) If you can't use the awareness wisely, you are right that some ppl are better off not knowing.


  3. Hi FD,

    If you put energy to focus on ourselves and people around us, we will even forget what others said. And frankly what others do will then have little impact on us thereafter.

    I am going to be brutally honest as u know me. hehe. Hope you dun mind! You know me, always speaking my mind. But only to people I care dearly. 

    You wrote “I lead a frugal (yet fulfilling) life and love it……”

    How about if we OMIT “despite my juniors and peers spending money like most city-goers. I have no interest in most commercial and luxury brands, yet leading a quality life.!”

    We do not like to be stereotype, but we stereotype others?

    Will this be better? Maybe try it the next time, I am sure you will feel much better.

    1. Hi Rolf

      Thanks for your feedback. Seriously, I enjoy honest feedback and suggestions as it improve me. However, there are some replies needed :P

      Here you see, I agreed that we live our best life and shouldn't care much about how those ppl who don't care dearly may perceive when their views are sabotaging. However, have you ever come across any drama, movie, story, and blog that don't introduce the contrarians to bring the points across. Imagine a police movie with no crime and villain. Will you watch and able to tell the story better? Crime prevention? That is another level when your audiences already know much of the police force and the consequences.

      Also, there are hidden meaning on this post as there are some people in the public scrutinise the idea of early retirement in my face. So, I am trying to tell them to live their life, and stop judging. Not as if i going to ask them for money. haha.

      I am not writing this post to feel better, because I am feeling good. really.

  4. Hi Frugal,
    i discover dental floss at the age of about 60.
    Dental floss effectiveness after every meal is so much better then blushing your teeth twice per day.
    Don't mistaken, I still brush my teeth.
    But friends and relatives find it bad manners and say i should do it in the rest room - complaining to my Wife.
    My answer to anyone is, " Is what you think more important then my dental health"?
    Of course you know the answer.

    1. Hi Temperament

      Always love your wisdom.

      Your level of self assurance is definitely high in this example. Just wondering why cannot do it as you feel like but in other rooms or when no "outsiders" are around? this will achieve both objectives? But I can understand the essence of this example. Which is what matter in life? :)

  5. Hi FD,
    Exactly what I always tell my doubters. I prefer to live my life by design instead a life by default.
    If we would always do what everyone else is doing, we should not be surprised to end with an "average life". And if that is not good enough for us, we have to do something different from everyone else.
    On the other hand we might just suffer under the illusory superiority effect. lol

    1. Hi Andy

      Hope you are doing well :)

      Designing a life sounds sexy. Being different by priorities are great, but to be different for the sake of different could be another topic. haha.

      I really hope you can continue enjoying and writing your life story in the spirit of "early retirement", so that I will have more reference when I am there. :)

    2. Hi FD,

      I am enjoying it so much that I have less time blogging lately. Stay tuned...
      And FD, I am sure your professionally planned and prepared retirement will be way above my average retirement.

    3. Hi Andy

      I can't be sure what is your definition of "average retirement" here. I am suspecting you having higher expectations than others? haha.

      However, if you are not contended with your freedom (let replace retirement with freedom, more positive), do an enhancement. You have 100% freedom to empower your change, anytime, anywhere. The beauty of Financial Independence. :)