Friday, 1 January 2016

My 2015 : Looking Back

Welcome to Year 2016! What I have done in year 2015? Here they were:

1)    Saved >$30,000

2)    Took up a new career, but wasn't satisfying. Keep it up, Frugal Daddy!

3)    Done my asset allocation and stock analysis plans. Most of my stocks are doing fine, despite a double digit dip of 14% in STI. The only poor performer of my holdings is Keppel Corporation, which I bought before the oil crisis. Hey Keppel, do something about it please.

4)    Passed my IPPT with silver - Horray!

5)   Mostly healthy for year 2015. However, have not been exercising much. I considered my more than usual house chores, buying groceries and taking care of my child as my gym regiment.

6)   I have spent most of my non-working time on family bonding - I rate myself 10/10 (Since LP use 5 points scale)

Bonus: I have learnt Photoshop in year 2015, which is not part of my plan. I have also read a few good books, which is not my norm as I usually do online reading. I have also sorted out my mortgage, career, family planning in general.

Unlike 15hrww (who has watched Forest Gump 5 times!), I ONLY watched 3 times. What is my destiny? - Life is like a box of chocolates (I guessed it refer to assorted chocolate box), you never know what you're gonna get. My destiny is of course my family. Mind you, if you think my destiny is money or my career.

In summary, I have done what I wanted to achieve in year 2015 and I have outdid them. What passed has passed. This served as a record of my year 2015. What will be more exciting is talking about my plans in year 2016.


  1. Hi FD

    Happy New Year to you.

    You are indeed an award winning husband and daddy it's hard to shake and beat that off in 2016.

    Hopefully, you'll get a better satisfaction at work in 2016.

    1. Hi B

      Happy New Year to you and your family too!

      If award winning husband criteria includes being very wealthy, I will lose because I plan to live with "Financially Enough".

      Thanks, let us make 2016 more pleasant.

  2. Hi FD,

    Happy New Year. Wanted to be ur first commentator of the year but B is always faster! LOL just kidding.

    What a wonderful year you have in 2015, especially the part on family bonding. Life is all about people around us, isnt it?

    Not to worry about Kep Corp, as they are a good company hampered by the industry. What if Oil price were to spike to $70 like what T Boone predicted.

    Anyway have a splendid 2016 ahead. Happy to know you and the rest of the bloggers here.

    1. Hi Rolf

      I should sms you before I do a post. haha.

      Family bonding is great. I am sure I will never regret my decision to spend more time with family when I look back at my deathbed. The headache is that I still need to work for money.

      I have a "feeling" that oil prices will be depressed for years. We shall see.

      My pleasure to know you and other bloggers too. Wonderful 2016 ahead.

  3. Looking back over the previous year can put a lot of things into perspective. You get to think about the big events that happened, such as a wedding or the birth of a child as well as some of the smaller things, such as how much money you save and the family vacations that you take with your children.

    Tasha Reeves @ West Coast Mortgage Group

    1. Hi Tasha

      Indeed, I could have include more details. Just a bit lazy to write more at times. Will do better and better by including good experience with my family. Thanks!