Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I am more capable than that

Since my identity supposed to be anonymous in the blog and I trust people who know will keep it with good faith, I will write what I think and feel as a record for myself, than presenting only the goodness to what the public want to see. (Actually, there is no such thing as anonymous in the virtual world as people can easily dig out who you are)

I couldn't recognised myself for most part of the past 12 months. In fact, I was being described as reserved, quiet and a person who like music, by colleagues. The fact? I couldn't believe the amount of negative politics and people trying to bring us down to feel lousy about ourselves. So, I resorted to sitting down quietly and listen to radio while working, most of the time. I allowed people to bully me just because I am polite and reserved. Not any more. No one can bring me down unless I allowed them to do so.

I shouldn't let my job shattered my self-confidence and bring me down negatively, to the extend on how I see this world... At least to working world. By being negatively affected, it may spill the negative energy to my wife and child. It is not fair to them and I end up not achieving my ultimate goal. Even if I am a superb actor, they will also feel it. Prolonged, they could think I am such. We are more capable than that. I know I am. If you wait until you are perfect to start living your life and feel happy about it, you may have to do it in non-human form. Essence? I can start with laughing at my own mistakes. Have a good laugh often daily at the simple pleasures in life.
My career aspiration? I have shared in previous post (click here). I should remind myself my utmost priority is to spend time with my wife and my child, yet pursuing my interest in knowing good people and pursuing good experience (sports, cook, house improvement and self-improvement).
Before I can teach my child the right values, I have to start by teaching myself the right values and be a role model.

I had fantastic memories in workplaces. I have made some wonderful friends and I learnt technical skills and interpersonal skills. I did these while I am being paid! I look forward to more of such memories.

I don’t know what the world will become after I achieved financial independence in 5 years times, but I know what I can control. I am working to build a healthy portfolio, which consist good people and good experience. Money and tangible things will come along. When you are happy, you will be more productive and most probably, you will be an universe of positive experience. All worlds of positivity will be magnetised by you.

Just wait, I will change the world again. At least from my eye.


  1. Well done. A good reflection of your current state is the first step towards changing it. Also trying to restart some aspect of my life, to clean it up further, so to speak.

    1. Like what my child says, "more more". More of better steps

  2. You go girl!

    Screeching halt...

    Eh, how do we cheer a man on? It's much easier with girls...

    No, I'm not going to hug you, must respect the invisible force field between men ;)

    High five? A bit fake since I don't know you...


    I'll give you a Happy Days Fonzie thumbs up!

    1. You are quite urban. I can only find "fonzie" in urban dictionary.

      Thanks. You are already my pen pal. So it is still a pal.

    2. LOL!

      Forgot you're too young to have watched "Happy Days" in the early 80s...

      My bad.

    3. No problem, I can catch up when I got spare time to burn. I supposed it is a good movie?