Thursday, 28 January 2016

Health is Wealth; Health is Empowerment to your life

Having fever, lying on the bed for more than 36 hours, feeling miserable and can't do much activities, it reinforced me that health is wealth and it is empowerment to my life. Even if I am a billionaire now and I have to lie on the bed for the rest of my life unable to do anything, what is the point?

This also reminded me that time is the utmost important asset I have. I wouldn't want to wait until my next life to live my current life. There is always tomorrow, you sure? Live your day as if it is your last, but plan your wealth as if you will live till 100 years old. Cherish your time, not the material.

I realised everyone has a different stroke in maintaining a good health. Unlike most people who feel healthy after exercising, I always fell sick when I am back to my exercise regiment. It is weird because exercising supposed to keep me fit. I have started my exercise program lightly, but I am not spared again this time round. I guess because of my multiple roles as a maid, husband, father, employee and personal fund manager, my body get overly tired having to work so hard. Also, when I exercised, my body get warm and dehydrate and I get sore throat easier. I know this is against human wisdom that exercise is not supposed to have cause these problems.

However, this does not mean I should not exercise. In the longer run, exercise overcomes long term and major health issues. I just need to moderately try and try again. In fact, I overcome my childhood asthma because I am so physically active during my student time.

Try to pay attention to your body, understand your body and how you can maintain physical well being. Trust me, your body will thank you lifetime and only you can help yourself on this. Not even the doctors (Though they can provide you with medical treatment while you can provide yourself with preventive measures.)

For example, drink a lot of water, sleep early and wake up early, avoid spicy, fried and certain type of food help me to prevent getting sick so easily. These are almost at no cost to me. However, avoiding fried food totally is challenging because I do love them once a while. *Guilty.

This doesn't mean you should spend unnecessary money to buy health products. Natural way should be the best. If you really need some supplement, do understand what mineral you are lacking and buy the appropriate one. For example, no point eating calcium pills when you are not shortage of it. Try to get discount price at pharmacy or online pharmacy.

Are you paying enough attention to your body? Or you are born with good gene that you feel invincible most of the time without a need to take care of your body?

Do share your health tips.


  1. Frugal Daddy,

    Yup, listen to your body ;)

    Some feel refreshed after a 10K run.

    I? I just take a leisurely stroll. No weight loss; no 10,000 steps challenge. It just feels good :)

    Some even do the complete opposite to exercise - non activity!?


    My life; my pace.

    1. Hi SMOL

      Good that you know what fuel your life to optimal. I forgot about something. Stress level does affect my health too. Meditation, detox, laugh, and reducing stress are useful tools.

  2. I'm generally blessed with very few bouts of serious illnesses. Not exactly sure what could be my secrets but well..

    1) Sleep well. Maybe a good mattress helps.
    2) Leisure and relaxation. Can be a tv show or online games or blogging, whichever works for you.
    3) Exercise. Find sth that suits you. I do a combination of static exercise and running. If you seem to get sick easily, perhaps swimming or even yoga/pilates?
    4) I generally eat anything I want but try to control the frequency and quantity of consumption these days.

    To better health!

    1. Hi Kelvin

      Fortunately, after understanding more of my body, I fell sick less often. About 4 time a year? I hope it can be once a year for 2-3 days max. ideally, never.

      I realised state of mind is a key controllable factor. I find myself get sick easier during :

      1) stress
      2) Jan - Feb season (Weather?)

      Exercising such as swimming is best. YOu are right. I jogged a lot in the past. I think just need to keep trying?

      I know if I eat a freshly made You Tiao, high risk of sore throat.

      Yes, to better health!

  3. Hello FD,

    Take care. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    1. Hi SS

      Thanks! Recovered. Hope you are having good health, always!

  4. Hi FD

    I thought I was the only strange one out.

    There are some activities that I do that will make me sick while exercising, strangely. Perhaps it's that lack of energy at the end of the day, maybe exhausted because of insufficient care to the body all these while.

    1. Hi B

      This is surprising. You look fit and sporty!

      I think we are superman in day to day life. So, cut some slack?

      Try to understand more of our body and recharge again!

  5. To add on to this post:

    1) Sore Throat - I will gagger with salt water (salt dissolved in water - 1 teaspoon with 40% water of a standard cup size). Do it 2 - 3 times a days. During healthy day, if diligent, can try daily. This method is endorsed by top notched Respiratory Specialist too.

    2)Fever - Sweat it out. I do it by having a cold shower and cover myself under blanket to sweat it out. sleep as much as i can. I used to go and play sport to sweat it out but not so extreme anymore.

    3) running nose and flu. Avoid dust at all cost. Tidy up your house. Get ready mask when doing house work.

    Above methods are near zero cost and effective for me. Do share yours with me.