Thursday, 24 December 2015

Where We Call A Home

After a hearty discussion with my wife, we decided to stay put at our current wonderful hdb flat for another 1.5 to 10 years. The good news? There is currently a straight bus to my wife's workplace and it only take 20 to 45 minutes travel time. In a scenario that we can't move so quickly, our lifestyles should still be quite optimum.

We would aim for a 4 room hdb flat, capped at $400,000 and sell our current flat at $580,000 to $600,000. (Considering the property cycle. Buy high/low, sell high/low respectively). Why not a "free" 3 room flat? (click here). Well, it could be my 3rd property at older age? I would love to provide an EXTRA space for my family while I still can afford. 
(Seriously, why a HDB flat can be so costly? Just a tiny PUBLIC space that we lease for 99 years max...*scratching my head).

We will take our time to find and should not rush to it. These are the following criteria:
  • Price requirements matched
  • 15 minutes walking distance to my wife work place
  • 6th floor and above (Rough guide)
  • Good vibe for the new house (Hello, what is good vibe you might be asking...Only we will "know")
  • Preferably <10 years old flat
The benefits of doing so:
  1. Unlocking the premium value from current flat
  2. Ease my wife and child travel time and cost
  3. My wife can come home in between work if need/want to
  4. Cheaper and free facilities from nearby amenities (It is like living in a condominium for free, without paying the premium and the monthly maintenance allowance)
  5. Encourage my wife to work a few more years after FI at 37 years old (She love her job anyway)
To me, a residential house without generating income (click here) is a liability. we are just paying for the lifestyle and minimising the cost by different strategies. 

I hope you have your housing plans sorted out too. Merry Christmas!


  1. From the featured image I thought your new home is gonna be a seaside villa! Sometimes, after all the thinking and planning, people end up staying at a place they have learnt to call home. Strange, isn't it? Sounds like you're pretty happy with your current apartment too :)

    1. Hi Kevin

      For the same price, you may find the seaside villa in other countries. haha

      Fortunately, my current place is almost perfect. If I can go according to my plan, it will be even better :)

  2. hi frugal daddy,

    where do you stay currently?

    1. Hi PW

      Apologies, It is not a detail that I am comfortable to share. May I know what the reason of asking? I may be able to answer you to that reason directly? Thanks.

  3. My Wife wants a condo but I am happy and comfortable in our 5 room flat.

    1. Hi SR

      I can't comment much on your situations :) Some people stay $10m but it is considered very cheap in comparison to their wealth.