Saturday, 12 December 2015

Focus is One of the Key to Success

I am not a smart person. The reason why I am still progressing well in whatever I do is, to keep everything simple. It helps me focus, reduce distractions, eliminate unnecessary work processes / day-to-day hassles and enhance my understanding. I believe anything that can't be simplified, mean we don't know the subject matter well enough.

We all wear many hats. I am wearing the hat of a :
  1. Husband;
  2. Father;
  3. Maid;
  4. Son;
  5. Full time employee;
  6. Blogger; and
  7. Many more other roles (Investor?)
Every day, my wife and I have to juggle with:
  1. House chores;
  2. Spending time with child;
  3. Working full time;
  4. Preparing daily breakfast; 
  5. Buying/cooking dinner;
  6. Washing laundry;
  7. Feeding my child; 
  8. Washing milk bottles; 
  9. Learning new skills and 
  10. Rushing to pick up child from infant care centre.
On top of these, we have to buy groceries, write blog and run day-to-day errands. My wife and I only have 1-to-1 dating time once every quarter, when we placed our child at care centre and we took leave together. The rest of our leave are spent on child's sick leave, care centre rest day, vaccination and maybe once-a-year vacation (horray!).

I have never been so busy before in my life. Even busier than when I was juggling work and study since secondary school. I think my time management skill should be great, given that we have no maid and parents support with both of us working full time and maintaining a pretty high standard of hygiene for the family.

I considered myself with higher than normal dedication to my family. I spent all my personal time with my family and I rarely go out with friends or attend events without my family. I enjoy moments with my family. Another dedication is my house chores. I pride myself to higher level of hygiene and maintaining minimalist.

I find myself distracted in the past 1 year. I no longer focus and productive as before. Partly because to begin with, I have left with very little time for distractions with my high level of child, house work, and family commitments. on top of my day job, I am now learning new skill to transit into freelance so that I can quit my day job sooner than 5 years to financial independence, or 5 years. My distraction comes from whatapps and my little room of time left, I guess.

So in order to help myself, I did contemplate whether to pause blogging for a while. However, the good news is I am using my blog as a platform to learn new skill and to vomit out my thoughts. Which help me to gain clarify and better self awareness. Definitely not for viewership and income (I don't mind if there is).

How to focus? As usual, I have to identify key priorities. I will rank them by sequence in broad categories:
  1. Family time
  2. House chores
  3. Work
  4. Freelance
My current job is giving me pain. Other than spending time with family and doing house chores, I will have to put aside time to find a better job and learn new skill. My action plan is to spend about 30 minutes for job search every day, about 3 hours a week learning freelance and 1 hour a week to write a post.

Back to my distraction from whatapps. I actually honoured to be part of this wonderful financial friends support group. I love them more than many other things. I realised from time to time that I am addicted to chatting with them. This group has more than 2000 messages daily! They value-added to my life. However, I have to moderate and focus on my life. So, I will only chat with them after I completed all my tasks for the day or have pocket of free time to spare in between. It is so painful, it is like quitting drug (I never took drug before, by the way).

I don't drink caffeine anyway.


  1. Hello FD,

    You have my respect for wearing so many hats at once.

    Distraction is part and parcel of life. Focus and discipline are key, if we ever want to succeed.

    1. Hi SS

      Thanks. I am sure you are wearing many hats too. Just that I am less willing to pay for many things, therefore, I have to do it.

      Focus and discipline are extremely important. Look at Japanese model, their dedications to a task is why their quality is so high.

  2. Hi, same for me. But recently have a maid, much better, of cox, money suffers.
    Financial friends suppor group? May I know it's all your friends or a group for financial topic discussion only? Possible to join in?
    You may email me: if I can also join in the group, thanks!

    1. Hi AhJohn

      Welcome to my humble blog! Great that a maid didn't give you extra problem instead? That what my friends were sharing. haha. I do agreed it should be better with maid on physical and mental constraints but not financially.

      Apologies, I am not the admin of that whatapps group. You can actually chat with many financial bloggers, more or less the same just that is more interactive. Many bloggers have facebook too.

      See you more often. By the way, your blog tells you are good in investing. I like the title of your blog. It is more to take care of downside, isn't?

  3. Hhaha, looks like you changed your template ;) Looks clean and simple, like your post. Good job ;)

    1. Hi LP

      Thanks. Should expect more exciting improvements along the way. haha.

  4. Frugal Daddy,

    2,000 messages!?


    How can anyone focus on their job during working hours like that?

    Glad you have list out your 4 focus areas.

    I wonder where these 2,000 valued adding messages will fit in your 4 focus areas ;)

    Of course pain! If easy anyone and everyone can do it!

    1. Hi SMOL

      It is a long and enduring process of 5 years. If our ancestor went through Japanese occupation for 3 years and 8 months, I have no idea how strong their emotion qualities are.

  5. Hey,

    Yes a new look!

    While focusing on family is good, do not neglect friends and relatives and time for urself n wife.

    by the way, I just blogged that Steve Jobs is not enlightened at all in my part two of matrix, so dun follow him too much! haha

    1. Hi Rolf

      Not that I want to neglect, but quality friends are only a few if you "test" them out. Most of them, they are busy too. Who want to go out with an uncle, with wife and child tagging along? Haha.

      Steve Jobs, I am quite clueless about him. However, i like the simplicity he advocates. Will remember not to quote him too much. Haha.

  6. KISS works in the long run because simplicity is a prerequisite of reliability.
    2,000 messages a day sounds like not everybody from your Whatsapp group KISSes enough.

    1. Haha. They actually become friends and chat everything under the sun. It is actually quite lively but the commitment too high. Maybe when I quitted my day job, I can follow through that group.

      How I wish my boss can KISS too. Haha.

  7. Hi FD,
    I appreciate you work & family ethics.
    It is not easy to maintain a distraction free living in the era of uber fast internet & ubiquitous smart phones.
    I salute you.

    Keeping it simple in tune with the Topic.

    Keep KISSing

    1. Hi GP

      Apologies, didn't know your comment was stuck in pending my moderation. Such a weird phenomenon as others don't need moderation.

      Thanks for your compliments. Hope you are doing well too.