Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Post Financial Independence Career - Brainstorming

This post is inspired by My 15 Hour Work Week.

It did come across my mind that working freelance, part time or leisurely could be a superior after financial independence career option (is it called semi-retirement?). Let us explore.

The advantages are:

1) Greater piece of mind. This provides confidence regardless of how the stock market performed or even with other ridiculous unfortunate events happening (house got burnt down, get robbed and so on).

2) Stay motivated after retirement from corporate world. Although I have plenty of things to do after retirement, I think if I continue to work a bit, I could constantly remind myself that I should treasure my early retirement and make good use of my time while I am still breathing.

3) Enjoy company benefits such as medical, insurance, local attractions, telco discounts, and so on.

4) Get paid for public holidays, weekends and during medical/annual leave.

5) Get free training.

6) Less drastic lifestyle changes moving from full-time to part-time and not working altogether. (Some people felt lost, worthless, confused during the initial phrase).

The disadvantages are: 

1) Could spent greater effort to make little money, when pay-per-hourly-rate may reduced

2) May not enjoy 100% time freedom. Have to take leave or plan work flexibly when going for a long vacation

Dream Job (My current dream job is still not having a job)

The million dollar question: Find a career that is less time consuming and passion-driven.

The ideal career should be :

1) Pay-per-hourly-rate > $20 per hour
2) < 22 hours work week (half of stipulated employment working hours)
3) Feel-good to work

Here are some of my brainstormed ideas:

1) Freelance designer
2) Tuition Tutor
3) Finance Consultant (Not insurance company. Personal finance please)
4) Part-time Taxi Driver (1-2 day a week?)
5) Current job at half time/pay
6) ....

The list can go on and it is not conclusive. Just exploring ideas and may possibly build my competencies now, giving that I have another 5-8 years more from early retirement.

There is another possibility. I found a "dream" full-time career that makes me happier than my dreamy bucket list and taking care of my child(ren). What are the odds? (I do know of 1 person who is happier working than not working - La Papillion from bullythebear)


  1. Great ideas your brain stormed up there.

    Tuition Tutor looks very promising to me. There are way too many tutors out there who do not deliver the best possible return of investment to their clients (parents and students).

    I guess when you identify the intersection between your skills, your passions, and the market, then that dream job will not feel like work at all.

    If others believe your ideas are crazy, then you must be on the right track.

    1. Hi Andy

      Talking about it, how is your "retirement lifestyle" after the age of 44 (Hopefully your age is not a secret)? It will be great if you can share a little bit more. :)

    2. Hi Frugal Daddy,

      Good question. We should always ask people who are already in a situation/scenario that we might strive for to get a more realistic view (maybe afterwards what we strived for so hard is suddenly no longer that attractive).

      So here we go:

      Well, in my case the initial retirement phase was great and as anticipated. I widened my horizon by doing 30+ Online Courses on Coursera, read widely (finally non-work related stuff), established my trading system, tried out blogging (a nice experience so far), traveled, cycled more and spend more time with the kids.

      Now three years later I ran out of interesting subjects on Coursera, still read widely, still follow my trading system (but trade much less nowadays), spend a lot of time online (maybe too much?), travel hardly, still cycle regularly, and my kids see me more like a piece of furniture that was always there when they come home from school.

      Like so often in life the novelty factor wears off quite fast. My goal map helps me to stay grounded and focused.

      The greatest part of all is that I wake up in the morning and usually 80% of the day is not pre-determined yet I really can do what I want.

      You know, the only aspect I miss from the Corporate Life is the interaction with the people. There were so many interesting characters at work. Nowadays I mainly talk to my family and that can become quite 'one-dimensional', if you know what I mean.

      So I keep up my regular lunch appointments with ex-colleagues to hear how they are doing. It's great for me because more often than not they do confirm that leaving was the right thing to do as work demands have increased and office politics followed in tandem. Not sure though whether my colleagues do feel equally good after the lunches. I am always worried that my experiences in retirement might demoralize them, but I tell myself that I do motivate them to look beyond the corporate walls to Take More Care Of Their Own Business to Tacomob.

      This reply is getting a bit long now. I hope I have shared enough, ha ha

      So to cut a long story short: For me success is the freedom to be myself. So far my retirement is successful.

    3. Hi Andy

      So thankful for your generous sharing! My wife and I do pick up useful tips on what to expect later.

      Good to recieve confirmation from person on the desired end that this journey is on the right direction.

      I think we can do our best to love the children but spouse is who we choose to live with. Children are like the "by - products" of the love. We uphold oir responsibility as a parent but if they think you are a furniture, as long as you have done your part, then so be it. Haha. Thry may appreciate better after they have children.

      If you need ideas, I can share 1. Cook a meal once a while and impress yourself. Your family could be impressed too. Random thinking here. :)

      Hope to join you soon!

  2. Frugal Daddy,


    Your list of advantages and disadvantages remind me of those people who put up a list of their "ideal" partner.

    And what happened?

    Hope you didn't choose your wife based on "brainstorming" ;)

    You'll know what you want to do when you know.

    1. Hi SMOL

      I did brainstormed whether to talk to you further...haha. just kidding.

      You are absolutely right, we don't need to plan for everything in our life. So tasteless. However, some skills need to acquire earlier. So, may i request you to share your "retirement lifestyle" after age 44 (Like Andy, I hope age is not your secret. If it is,then you are not a good concealer as everyone knew it).

      I know your part time job is trading and you have walked here and there for 1 year. So what else?

    2. Frugal Daddy,

      I'm quite an open book. but I can't expect you to read all 4 years of my postings so here are the highlights:

      There is a reason why I never used the "retirement" word on myself.

      At "My Story", I said I now have the "freedom" to pursue my interests - and that's "pretending" I'm a nano-hedge fund manager for the investment side, and as a full-time trader on the trading side ;)

      This is my 4th year of doing what I liked. I came back to Singapore and left my corporate life same time as Andy - 44 years young. I'll be 48 years young end of this year. I'm a 1967 Goat ;)

      After 1.5 years of being a "caregiver" for my mom (she got glaucoma and bad knees), I needed some personal time of my own so I started working weekends - back to my retail roots on the selling floor. A good way to "rest" my brain too!

      My 15 hour work week

      In short, I did not retire. I'm doing what I like and being with people that matters.

      I'm just on sabbatical from full-time work - as written at the bottom of my blog. (Never say never!)

    3. Hi SMOL

      I actually hated this word "Retirement". So does my wife. It is such a negative word. Should be Post Financial Independence Career. My bad.

      48 years young just nice to be a MP. can consider. hehe...1 Sept nomination day hor.

      I am happy for you on your 15 hour work week. You can try Mcdonald floor manager. One of my dream retail position. Good satisfaction to run a restaurant for free and get paid some more. :)

      Seems like part time is better than 0 hour work week in your instance. Good to have a 过来人 to share experience.

  3. Hi Frugal Daddy

    Part-time taxi driver?? Really? :D

    What about setting up your own business and be at your own destiny? That sounds like a good challenge out there while keeping the mind active.

    1. Hi B

      Setting up business is a great idea. However, I will not engage in capital draining start-up as it doesn't make sense for me to attain financial independence then risk it all again. It is more about preservation of my asset and making it last longer.

      Maybe a capital-free business is possible. I actually have an idea that we can do it together. Can discuss further if you are keen. You can share yours too.

  4. Hi FD,

    Tks for the post for me to share.

    Before knowing retirement, first I have to know myself.. what is my strengths, my personality, my passion...

    I am person who enjoys sharing my beliefs and life experiences, love to interact with people, enjoy the story/people behind each business...

    Therefore with that in mind, My suitable choices are writer, educator, investor!

    I also can use my corporate experiences and networks to provide consultancy services or give free talks...

    just some thoughts!

  5. Hi Rolf

    Seems like we have similar interests. Thanks for sharing!