Monday, 10 August 2015

Ideal Home and Ideal House

There is always a dream house in everyone mind. However, a home is where we truly belong. The difference between house and home, in my interpretation, is that house is a property and home is a place where our heart, soul and body feel attached to. A home can be more meaningful if it is filled with members close to your heart. To some, a home is a place where they seek their personal privacy.

It doesn't matter whether your house is a HDB studio apartment or a $10m penthouse condominium. What matters is the overall liveability and you are happy staying in it. There are many factors that dictate the liveability of the house and it varies from people to people.

Definitely, I have an ideal home. The question here is whether to move beside my wife's workplace or stay at my current flat. Here are my considerations:

Option 1 - Continue to stay in my 1st house

1) Beside MRT station and bus interchange
2) Unblock view with full height windows
3) Highest corner unit with privacy and quietness
4) 1st owner of the flat with everything new
5) Shopping centre within 2 minutes walk
6) Good friends staying nearby
7) Good neighbours with children similar age as my child
8) Public sport facilities within 15 minutes walk

Option 2 - Stay beside my wife workplace (She loves her job but may stop working after we achieve financial independence) 

1) Free sport facilities such as swimming pools and it is almost crowd-less
2) Cheaper, tastier and more varieties of hawker food
3) Save my wife travel time of 2 to 2.5 hours per day
4) Child(ren) after day-care will not need to travel
5) Cheaper and better access to daily necessities
6) Could have $100k to $200k profit from selling previous flat
7) Better school options for child(ren)
8) Able to cook most of the days due to time saved on travelling
9) Cycle-friendly, which is my preferred mode of travel
10) Could potentially save $50,000 on transports over lifetime

My inclination is to move but to look for a suitable unit at the targeted areas. Another consideration to move is when. I can't move yet since I am still in the midst of my 5 years MOP. However, it doesn't make sense to wait for a new BTO flat for years and I can't dictate the location much.

Do you have similar considerations and what are your views? I would love to hear from you.


  1. Frugal Daddy,


    You asked; I answered ;)

    End of conversation.


    1. Hi SMOL

      Thanks for your politeness. Haha. You know, you hold a certain prestigious status in the local finance community so you must at least give some valuable feedback to upkeep your title (akin to wwf world champion). I will pretend I didn't see your first comment :)

    2. Frugal Daddy,


      When Rolf's advice sort of leads into a certain direction, what did you do?

      And when Derek's advice is what you want to hear, you can't wait to share it with your wife ;)

      Still pretend you don't have the answer?

      Asking for "advice" my foot!

      You are asking for ammunition to overcome your wife's objections. The dead giveaway was:

      "Option 2 - Stay beside my wife workplace (She loves her job but may stop working after we achieve financial independence) "

      I never interfere between husband and wife.

      If both husband and wife have the same view, then there's no need to blog about it.


      Still think my "nope" answer not good enough ;)

    3. Hi SMOL

      You ate sharp to think of different perspectives and what to say and not to. Good. Even if ehat you said is true, you think I will admit it? Haha.

      However, I am actually inclined on option 2 which I am checking on my blind spots by asking from readers views. Choosing a residential house could be 1 of the major decisions a singaporean need to thought through carefully. Buyer remorse will be extremely painful. :)

    4. Frugal Daddy,

      Just having fun with you.

      You already have the right focus: "Definitely, I have an ideal home"

      You also have explained the difference between a home and a house ;)

      You have the answers in your heart.

      I'm the soul man; not the numbers man.

      If you are going to put good friends and good neighbours on the opposite side of potentially able to save $50,000 over a lifetime (you know when you going to die?) - you know my answer already :)

    5. Hi SMOL

      I was told a man of leisure will usually die around 85 years old because of less stress but refuse to live too long because he will be lonely as most of the bloggers at his time were almost gone. I am not referring to you, but in general sense. haha. I actually target 75-80 healthy years for myself. Longevity is not my cup of tea, at least for now.

      Back to the topic. Let me remove all the irrelevant "noises" and relook again:

      Option 1 - Continue to stay in my 1st house

      1) Good friends and neighbours with children similar age as my child
      2) Risk averse with no need to adopt to new living environment

      Option 2 - Stay beside my wife workplace (She loves her job but may stop working after we achieve financial independence)

      1) Save my wife travel time of 2 to 2.5 hours per day to care for my child(ren) and family
      2) Could have $150k profit and saving

      What is your pick? take the "包吃" time and money earned and this could translate into more time with my friends? Win-win?

    6. Frugal Daddy,

      1) What adapting to new environment? Getting an overseas posting and me moving from Queenstown to Punggol are same same but different. Hello! Singapore how big?

      But I do understand if you want to move away as I suspect you find your current place a bit "ulu"...

      2) I can feel the joy in your words. $100-200K within 5 years is not too bad! Better than equities and our day jobs ;)

      2 bites of the cherry and it's condo time! Some financial illiterates still got cheek to say HDB flats not subsidised!?

    7. Hi SMOL

      So you stay in Punggol :) I am sure you have made some profit unless you upgraded significantly on flat size.

      Looking at resale prices recently, it could affect our profitability when selling.

      The conclusion? These 2 choices are as good, so there is no rush to make a decision. May have an answer after my 5 years MOP.

    8. Opps!

      My England has failed me....

      I'm still staying in Queenstown. The Queenstown to Punggol was meant as an example ;)

      You ha!

      Just moved in already thinking of moving!!!???

      You cherry eater you!

    9. If we are not working, maybe queentown and punggol don't make a difference. Agreed that sg is tiny but if travelling daily to work consume hours, it is like burning life away repeatedly.

      This is my 3rd year staying in the place. Another 2 years to go haha. If I can decide earlier, I can then choose my mortgage strategy.

      Anyway, thankful to your active input. :)

  2. Hi FD,

    My colleague just resign becos she is shifting. She managed to find a job near her new house.

    Ask yourself which options everyday! Guess you already have the answer after writing this blog.

    The question is thinking, writing is easy, doing is often the most difficult and need people's opinions and influences!


    1. Hi Rolf

      Actually, there isn't a clear option which is better because my current flat is quite comfy to stay in. However. new town is too commercialised and I don't fancy city-like lifestyle too much.

      Guess when the day comes and depending on what are the units available, we will know the answer?

    2. if u love ur work, distance is never a problem! If u love ur house so much, money or profit is never an issue, just look at Buffett house or LKY house.

      A several yrs ago, I was enticed by my sis to shift to take profit. I look beyond my house... I look at my environment, and what I like. So the environment suits me and my interest.

      The problem of shift or not relates back to how much u and ur wife know how much you guys want!

      Like SMOL says, we r not u or ur wife v difficult for us to advice. I probably can advice my best friends bcos I know them so well and what they personally like beside the money and distance.

      My advice is talk to someone who truly understand u and who u truly respect. Their advices somehow makes more sense!

      Hope it helps.

    3. Hi Rolf

      You are right that if we like the house so much that any problems could be overcome. However, we don't drive, no maid, both my wife and I are working and need to rush back to fetch my child (ren) every day at daycare. We don't rely on parents too. Plus, new town is developing and don't have the convenience of matured estate.

      You guys have actually given good thinking points, just that it is not so straight forward brcause both have their merits.

  3. Hi FD,

    I considered this before but as much as I like my job, I will never want to stay near my workplace because firstly I will always be the first to be 'volunteered' in the event someone is needed in the office and secondly I don't want to have the feeling of going home feeling like I'm heading back to work.

    1. Hi Derek

      Good comment. I will ask my wife about these. Thanks.

  4. Hi Frugal Daddy,

    Since I stay very close to you and has a similar MOP as you, I am interested to know which town you might be inclined to move to?

    After reading SMOL's comments, I gather that you and the wife have different preferences? Able to share more? =)

    1. Hi Stoical Keynes

      You have the privilege of my private message replies since you are in my whatapps. I don't want to disclose too much personal information about my wife in my blog. :)

      Who knows, I could stay partly because you are staying nearby. haha.