Saturday, 11 July 2015

Mid-year Review

Mid-Year Review is popular now. I will take a look at mine :

1)    Save at least $26,000 - Saved around $14,000 by June.

2)    Increase my net take home income by 5% - Changed job, 18.5% increase in net take home income

3)    Gain more financial knowledge - I have done my asset allocation and stock analysis plans. Ongoing learning.

4) Pass my IPPT with silver - Achieved! Horray!

5) Stay healthy for more than 355 days in 2015 - Have been healthy for 180 days by June. I received feedback from my friends that this resolution should be replaced by a controllable action like exercise 6 times a week. Anyway, since I have set it during the start of the year, I will stick my neck out to be consistent on this point and review for the next year's. I think I will achieve this. Horray in advance!

6) Spend more quality time on family bonding - As usual, most of my time is spent with my family. I actually think this goal is hard to quantify.

Yeah! Most of my goals are on track!

Frugal Daddy


  1. Frugal Daddy,

    Well done for the on track target!

    1. Thanks Rolf! Yours are looking good too!