Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fun Exercise: What If Frugal Daddy Work Till 65 Years Old As Per Retirement Age?

This is a fun exercise. What if I continue to work till 65 years old and remain financially efficient? How am I going to spend so much excessive money, which doesn't value-add to my philosophy? Assuming I don't like debt and only buy luxury items when I can fully pay off. This is how my major financial milestone will look like:

As you can see, I have no idea how to spend on luxury items. Mini-cooper and penthouse is what my wife dreamed of, not mine actually. My chart will be empty after removing these 2.

I will become a slave employee until 65 years old, when I am no longer handsome. (You know I am kidding). What do I actually gain except long service award from the company? Unless the job satisfaction is higher than my personal satisfaction.

I really don't need excessive money. I am living and enjoying my dream lifestyle now with my tiny wealth. I am basically building my wealth to ensure long term sustainability and to free up more time for personal use. I have so many things to do!

This is only version 1. Look out for version 2 milestone, which is most probably the real me!

What if you work till 65 year old too?

Frugal Daddy


  1. Hi FD,

    When money is no longer a concern, then we have to work for something else if we wish to carry on working.

    I'll work for more career satisfaction. My wish is to help those students who are financially disadvantaged and can't afford tuition etc. Perhaps I'll set up a tuition scholarship where deserving students have free tuition for x years? But I'll have to take care of myself first before I can take care of others. Once I've finished working for myself and my immediate family, I'll work for the sake of others.

    1. Hi LP

      On behalf of future generations, thank you so much!

      I adopt another concept. My career has always been helping people. It is already integrated. If I no longer working, I will continue to help my social circle first, before expanding out. For example, matchmaking, job search. Great man you are :)

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      Keep on keeping on, we're following you

  2. Frugal Daddy,

    Long service award? What make you think that you will stay in the same one or few companies when you reach 65? lol Just kidding, whether you call it work or whatever, just make sure to remain active when we grow older.

    Looking forward to the Version 2.


    1. Hi Richard

      Just imagine your cv has 15 companies. This is what happened if you work till 65 yo and change job every 3 years. Possible not to get at least once for long service award? Haha

      Version 2 should be soon. Though, I am procrastinating to do more stock analysis. Lol

  3. time to move up Mardlow's Hiearchy of needs. The last tricky is a bit tricky but I feel that you can do it.

    1. Hi GP Blogger

      Self actualisation is a lifelong challenge. LP from BULLy-the-BEAR is doing well on that by doing what he love.

      You can read my latest version :
      I exchanged penthouse, minicooper and extra cash with minions' lifestyles and helping hands :) Enjoy the simplest things in life.