Sunday, 21 June 2015

Why I Blog?

First of all, Happy Father's Day! This year is special, as it is my first time celebrating Father's Day as a father and I actually received gifts from my 10 months baby. She DIY them!

Back to the topic on "why I blog". I first get to know financial blog by a coincidence of reading Mr. Money Mustache's post. Basically, he shared how he retired at 30 years old : click here

I read on and discovered we have local "talents" too. I continue to read and read, and I discovered blogs like AK's, SMOL's, B's FFF, 15hrww, investment moats, lady you can be free, and more.

Reading their blogs made me realised I am not alone as we have so much in common! Of course, they have better knowledge on stock market than me. Disclaimer* I may not know them very well enough to have such conclusion, but so far I felt what they wrote were how I felt and I could internalise what they said most of the time.

In bullet points, here are the reasons why I started blogging :

  1. To journal my thinking and progress toward Financial Independence
  2. To seek clarity in thought by writing
  3. To seek valuable input if there are comments on my post
  4. To improve my writing skill
  5. To enjoy writing my little stories
  6. To serve as a journal for my wife and child to read and understand how I have planned the financial foundation for my family
After writing for close to 8 months, I have published 20+ posts (only) and I have chat with some wonderful like-minded friends.

I don't have much stock market information to share at this point, but I do have lot of learning entries to write. Believe me, stock market is only one of the many options to reach financial independence. By being frugal and work smart can bring you closer too. I do hope we can capitalise on different opportunities to reach the same destination earlier. Also, I will add value to the process of seeking financial independence and why financial independence. I will challenge myself to write better, clearer and simpler.

I continue to invite you to walk this journey with me.

Frugal Daddy


  1. Frugal_Daddy,

    Have fun!

    And I mean it!

    4 years of blogging under my belt, let's say I seen too many promising bloggers stop blogging within less than 2 years...

    They have SMART goals (income from blogging, pageviews, etc), but they found out their ladders were leaning on the "wrong" wall...

    Speaking about money, you may want to try contacting adsense to put ads in your blog. The money is peanuts, but they can defray some of our broadband charges ;)

    I got accepted by Google Adsense

  2. Hi SMOL, I am actually flattered by your comments at B's post. You have actually read and understood what I am trying to share in many of my posts. To be honest, I spend most of my time working and talking to my wife and child. My financial thoughts are only shared with my wife, so writing a blog has actually help me reach out to like minded people like you and B. I hope I have sufficient contents and stamina to sustain this blog as any time spent on the blog is actually taking time away from my sleep or family. It is worth it if I can strike a balance and I do enjoy writing. Yes, I will explore the adsense. Any cent is a bonus. :)

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  4. Let your visitors still reading your new blog posts in 2026.No typo error. It is 2026.


    1. I really hope I can still read new blog posts in 2026 without wearing very thick reading glasses... LOL.

  5. Hi CW and Sanye, thanks for drooping by. Hello! Maybe blogging technology will reach another level by 2026? We could be replaced by Artificial intelligence. Just a thought for fun. Haha.