Saturday, 6 June 2015

Singapore O&G IPO

Unfortunately, my IPO attempt for Singapore O&G for 10 lots was unsuccessful. As at yesterday, the price was $0.675, jumped from IPO price of $0.25. Prospectus

A responsible blogger should post their attempts as early as possible, so anyone who is keen can also take reference from it. The key word here is reference. This means, you should do your own research and not take anyone word for 100% decision making. I posted my attempt after post-IPO, does this make me an irresponsible blogger? Maybe? However, as my readership is low, I doubt anyone is now referring to my blog as an direct investment guide, give me some slack please. Anyway, I am not a financial professional, please don't take it as an investment reference. My topics are mainly on concepts and my personal learning.

I will continue to look for low hanging fruits. Not keen to climb to the sky level to pluck fruits as I have food on my table and this type of risk is beyond my appetite.

Please, Mr Stock Market, do some major corrections or crisis. I would love to bring forward my financial independence status forward from 40 to 38 years old or earlier. Everyone's wish, right?

Have a nice weekend!

Frugal Daddy

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