Thursday, 25 June 2015

Can We, Minions, Achieve Financial Independence?

Now is the minions crave. My colleague have to finish 2 McDonalds meals at 1 lunch to get 2 minions toys for his 2 children. Why is minions so popular beside they are cute and funny? I think they are popular because they signify most of our day-to-day routines as a full time employees but in a naughty way.

Can we Minions, or should we, even dream of financial independence? What so good about financial independence? Recently, some bloggers have done some fun exercises for pre/post financial independence schedules. I have did one similar earlier too.

Basically, financial independence allow you to spend your time the way you want. Even you love your job, isn't it good to have more control over your lifestyle? Sounds good?

Achieving financial independence is possible, provided you know what is enough and be discipline about your lifestyle. I am not asking you to suffer to save for the extra 1 cent. Work out what is your comfortable lifestyle and keep the expenses to the minimum. Lead a frugal life and stretch your dollars. Be happy, and double up your money.

How Minions look like when they are no longer minions? It should look something like this :

Why work for a banana, when you can plant your own banana tree or own a banana plantation?

Frugal Daddy


  1. Hi Frugal Daddy

    Minions spelled it as "Ba-na-na" ;) Hahahaha.

    These minions are a bunch of hardworking small guys, with the aim of partying at the beach. Sounds like goal aligned with most of us.

    1. Hi B

      I just had a Happy Meal for $4.50 and I am surprised the Minion Toy is free. It is nice and fun with a little swing function. $4.50 for a toy and a meal, indeed happy! This is my first attempt getting a Mcdonald toy, because of my child. haha. I look forward to the day we celebrate our small achievements. :)

  2. I think an important point is that the minions do not mind their work at all :) They have great fun doing what they do ;)

    1. Hi LP

      Sincerely, the thing I like about you is your passion for your career and the reason why you are so passionate about it. Anyone not sure what I am talking about should read about LP here:

      Hope you are having fun like the Minions.

      I think the Minions can have fun because they don't have annual appraisal exercises and they have nothing to lose. All they need is a Ba-na-na!

    2. I still have plenty of MacDonald's Happy Meal toys and my three adult children still refuse to throw them away. LOL!

    3. Hi CW

      I am sure your 3 children enjoyed the time you brought them to Macdonald. I wonder can you included these toys as your asset class? It could value some money if your collections are rare and complete? haha. That what I read about in news.

  3. The most important aspect you mention is "you know what is enough". This is an essential step, otherwise we will not be able to step out of the hamster wheel while it is spinning faster and faster. Don't compare with the Lee's and Tan's around the corner, but do find your own level of 'enoughism'.
    When people ask me how much money I do have being able to retire in my mid 40's my standard answer is: I have enough money to last me till the end of my life. Unless I buy something.
    “He who knows he has enough is rich.” – Lao Tzu

    1. Hi Andy

      You have a great blog. I am thankful that you have come forward to share your experience and I got to know another good reading site.

      Talking about Enough, it have to start with self awareness. With so many brains out there thinking of how to earn our money, it is easily tempted to spend it somewhere that don't value-add to our life or experience. Knowing what are our needs and wants is the first step, and understand what are our priorities is another. Fortunately, I know what is Enough for me.

      Do drop by often :)