Thursday, 14 May 2015

Purpose of your Ultimate Dreams and Goals

Recently, I have done an "workshop" with my wife. This exercise has given much vision and guiding principles to our hectic lives nowadays. Frankly, I personally felt my self-awareness abilities have reached another level and my inner peace is so great that I can overcome more challenges. This is not the first time I had such sentiment, as I constantly looking for way to seek "enlightenments". Another most recently "workshop" I have done is the self-leadership practice, which i have shared earlier. So, what so special about this most recent "workshop"? Maybe, I should give it a name so that it is easier to reference and It should be named as Dreams and Goals Planner.  Ok, I know this is not a catchy and creative name, but this is the first name that come across my mind while I am writing this post.

Basically, we sat down quietly for an hour during our hectic schedules just to brainstorm what are our dreams and goals. First, you must understand what are dreams and how it differ from goals. To me, dreams that are not huge enough to impress yourself are not truthful enough. Goals can be any small or big objectives that can satisfy your needs and wants. Clear enough? I would suggest to use a pen and paper to write down free flow about your dreams and goals.

If a break interval will help, go ahead. Get that enough mind rest and continue to organise your list. Review it with your spouse if you are married. It will be good or practical that most of the events for married couple will evolve among themselves. Ok, I know some couples have a lot of private time. So you can also segments into family time section and by categories. For example, family time, food, enrichment or explore Singapore. The activities categories will be the X-axis and your age will be the Y-axis. The age columns will guide you what to achieve or accomplish when. I hope you can visualise what I am sharing as I am not going to upload a sample for your reference. Read again if you need to.

Ok, what so special about this? Yes, if you are truthful in this exercise, you will find purposes in your financial or life goals. I have been spending a lot of my personal time on personal finance, but what is lacking is to add a bucket list of events or things to accomplish to the financial planning. This list can involve various big and small events, such as eating tim sum at xxx restaurant, visit taiwan and fly a lantern, plant a time capsule, and so on. Now, I am fully confident in answering any question on "what you going to do if you retire at 40s? You will be bored!"

Come on, give it a try. In fact, I have done similar versions years back. The result was great but after revisiting it and compared both list after that, it is so much an enhanced version. The lesson? Do it years after years if you need to.

I hope you also find your purpose in life!


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