Sunday, 5 April 2015

I given myself a pay rise

I have been busy in recent months, partly because I am adapting to new career. One of my 2015 resolutions is to increase my salary by 5%, and I am proud to share that I have did it, with buffer of about 17% pay rise. Actually, it is not a lot considering my salary is not high, to start with. In addition, we will usually forgo our past year bonuses, increments and accumulated benefits when we change employer. Overall, I am contended as it is better than I have planned.

Having to cope with my little one and new career, I have to compromise a little on blogging and researching on equity.

I am very pleased to have increased my income but expenses slightly increased too. These are due to higher food cost and no more off-peak free travel benefits. I would say give and take, since my travelling time is slightly shorter now.

Overall, I felt happier at work, thought I think the new environment is much more stressful compared to the past.

Next, it will be to increase my passive income. Still faithfully waiting for market correction.

I given myself a pay rise

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