Sunday, 18 January 2015

Self Leadership

We may not be in a leader role in our career, but we are definitely a leader in our life.
I believe a good investor need to understand their goals, their behaviours, mental wellness and their challenges so they can invest with clarity of thoughts. There are plenty of articles described why most people lose money in shares due to emotions. How frequent, we heard of millionaires lost their fortune overnight? We strive hard throughout our lives and we need to know why we strive so hard for, using our youth in exchange of money.

Many will think self-awareness is intuitive. Is it so? How often, we are controlled by our emotions and do things that we regretted or can't explained aftermath? How often, we hate certain characteristic (for example, arrogant and so on) but realised we did similar things before, or we don’t even realised it after someone pointed out?

This topic can be extremely lengthy if we involve all the details. In fact, you may have to spend thousands of dollar to attend few days’ workshops to practice this. I will only explain the concepts.

First, you have to find out what are your core values. My purposes in life are to love my family, appreciate my strengths and pursue my passions and hobbies. What about yours?

I would want to spend majority of my time with my family. I would also like to ignite my passions in helping the less fortunate in their mental wellness and my desire to write beautifully. My hobbies are cycling and swimming. These are the sort of things I will spend time on, if I am financially independence. What about you?

Second, you have to discover your personality. Commonly, we use profiling test to assess ourselves. This will help you understand how you usually deal with challenges and different types of people. With this, you can derive your styles in managing your emotions, your works, and the different types of people around you. Some of the strategies are love what you do, meditation, good body postures, keep healthy and control breathing. My biggest challenge is my stress management ability. I have to learn to relax and slowdown in most of my day-to-day activities, so that I can be more productive and healthier. I also have to master the art of loving what I do.

Lastly, it is to practice the strategies you have derived to manage your stress, emotion, and people constantly until it becomes a habit. Whenever the challenges seem overwhelming, it is a good time to fall back to your core values and your strategies. I have earlier shared on my challenges:

The same goes for investment. When you can manage yourself, this is when you are ready to invest and manage your money wisely. There is never a perfect time to start something than now.

Smile often from the heart and love your life every moment
Frugal Daddy

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