Thursday, 1 January 2015

Resolutions For 2015

2015 should be a year that excites me. Here are the goals:

1)    Save at least $26,000
This will ensure my financial independence by 40 is on track

2)    Increase my net take home income by 5%

3)    Gain more financial knowledge
For a start, I would like to familiarise myself on reading various financial ratios and investing strategies that enable me to earn 6% returns confidently

4) Pass my IPPT with silver
There will be some monetary rewards. I have been sick for the past 2 months, just because I went exercise intensively while having insufficient sleep. 

5) Stay healthy for more than 355 days in 2015
10 days of sickness seems a lot, as most companies only provide 14 days of medical leave. However, when I am sick (especially sore throat), I will usually take a few weeks to recover as it lead to other implications (cough). I would think preventive measures such as healthy lifestyle will be effective. Healthy life = less medical expenses too!

6) Spend more quality time on family bonding
I refer my family to my wife and daughter. Relationships need to be maintained for the longest time even if it is at its best.

Knowing me, my only set back can be my complacent nature, which I will make sure it is being tamed.

I have set clear goals for 2015. How about you?

Frugal Daddy

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